Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Prayer for the World

                                                             A Prayer for the World

                                                            Light of the World                                                                                                                                Shine on me                                                                                                                                         Love is the answer                                                                                                                                Shine on us all                                                                                                                                      Set us free                                                                                                                                            Love is the answer
                                                                        -Song by John Ford Coley
                                                Native Americans love of earth and respect for nature
                                                Joins with African rhythms, flamboyant colors, celebrations
                                                Joins with European symphonies, architecture, art
                                                Joins with Buddha's zen, meditations, introspection
                                                Joins with the Land down Unders kangaroos and didgeridoos
                                                Joins with India, lotus, chakras, yoga, reincarnation
                                                Joins with Asian discipline, artistry, efficiency                                      
                                                Joins with Persian Arabian Nights, genies and oil production                                                                  Joins with Christians love, service to fellowman           
                                                Joins with North American freedom, incentive, innovation
                                                Joins with South America gems,spicy rhythms and fiestas                              
                                                Creates peace, joy, happiness, respect, understanding, connection      

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Counterpoint for Liberals and Conservatives


Liberal Heaven                                                                                                                                        No genders, anything goes, tattoos and piercings everywhere, no morals, pornography pandered, the dark side worshiped in media and books, abortion fine and paid for, capitalism,despised, no guns,no freedoms, larger government that controls all      Conservative Hell                                                                                         
Conservative Heaven                                                                                                                                Freedom of religion, freedom to bare arms, freedom of Speech, Respect for life, no abortion for any reason, genders defined, freedom to govern self, lower taxes, personal responsibility and accountability, good work ethic rewarded, smaller government that controls less.                             
Liberal Hell                                                                                                                                         
                                                                     Heaven on Earth      
A New Idea
Respect for self  
Respect for others
In body
In Mind 
In Spirit
Generosity to all
Health for all
Wealth for all
Freedoms for all
Peace for all
Love for all                                       
The Path of Love and Light

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Message for Millennials

          A Message for Millennials         

If you were going to have a conversation with Millennials what would you say?                                My husband posed the question: 
What do you see as your place on the planet?                         
And where do you see yourselves in ten years?

Millennials seem to be missing some very important insights about the world today.
They have been educated to show tolerance for everyone (except those with conservative values) and have not been taught ethical behavior, manners and an awareness of their actions. They think it’s important to protest about global warming and yet leave terrible messes after their protests. They can’t seem to see the hypocrisy in so many of their actions and causes. Too often they don’t seem to understand the reasons they are protesting. Their thinking processes don’t seem to go that far and don’t see how counter intuitive and self defeating some of these protests could be for them if they had to experience the consequences of those protests.They haven’t experienced enough about life and the difficulties and history in the world to understand all they have been given. Too many seem to think the world owes them a living without them doing much and they have been taught that by parents who indulged whatever they wanted to do and weren’t good at setting boundaries.
     They say they don’t want to be called “Snow Flakes” any more but are some of the worst name callers to those that don’t see things the same way they do. They have been babied and coddled their whole lives and not allowed to understand winning and losing. When college students need coloring books and play dough when things don’t go their way, there is something wrong with this picture. They have not seen the aftermath or the horrors of WWII, thankfully, but don’t seem to have any understanding  of  the freedoms the world was fighting for and the horrific evil of that war. They seem to be willing to give up their freedoms. That is because they haven’t experienced what it is like not to have freedom.  
     The biggest observation I would have about too many millennials is that they lack substance, intelligence, and sensitivity to others. They parade their tatts around like some kind of badge but could care less if they are offensive to many people who don’t enjoy looking at them but are forced to anyway. Attention is the only thing they seem to want.They are often very narcissistic and don’t care what anyone thinks and that their own opinions are the only right opinions. Their masochistic behavior is concerning as well.Why are they hurting themselves for attention by putting tatts all over themselves? For some it is an addiction and they cover their entire body with them. They don’t seem to understand their masochistic behavior or boundaries or borders of any kind.
     They are big on equal rights but the sad thing is that too many of them don’t believe there are two sexes and think it’s fine to make girls boys and boys girls which is not the natural order of nature. That kind of thinking is offensive to many people.They have been manipulated by liberal thinking in their educations and it has really hurt them.They don’t seem to have any morals or values.Anything goes and there is no right or wrong is the norm among too many millennials. In fact they don’t seem to understand right or wrong because too many haven’t been taught what is right or wrong. Media is too blame for much of their dysfunction because they have been raised by television and dysfunctional families with few morals as the norm.They try to rationalize that right is wrong and wrong is right. Another question for millennials is who are they serving and what are their goals?
     They haven’t been taught what the word respect means and they don’t seem to have any respect for anyone including  themselves. They are disrespectful to others on every topic and the only true concern they seem to have is about “global warming”. Again they have been manipulated in their education by liberals.They need to read more books about history and need to understand and incorporate more ethics and morals in their thinking.Too many have given up God and organized religion but they haven’t replaced it with anything healthy nor with strong values and morals.
There seems to be a high suicide rate and addiction problems for many millennials and yet they are killing themselves for strange and unimportant reasons.Too many don’t seem to have strong coping skills or understand healthy ways to solve their problems.
     If millennials truly care about the world, they need to show it in grown up and mature ways, not narcissistic shallow ways.They need to become more aware of the world and other people and not think the world revolves around them. They need to get more depth and a greater understanding of history. They need to think on much deeper levels about the repercussions of their actions. One of the biggest things is they need to THINK before they go around protesting things that could only hurt society and this country. Time for millennials to truly grow up and stop joining a losing and dangerous political trend.

     “If you have lost your way in today’s world. Check out this book. “Spiritual Help In an Ailing World”  Ann Hughes Amazon to find peace, meaning, hope and healing  again.  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Social Commentary Poetry

American Idol

Rock Star
An oxymoron
Crowds cheer
Rock on
Rock on
The Grateful are Dead
Children aspire
To catch the fire
“When I grow up I want to be a "Rock Star”
They don’t know they can’t have both
A high price to pay for
No lasting relationships
Recreational drugs
Once vices
Now habits
On the Road again
In a cold hotel room after the show

Unstrung Heroes

The world has gone mad or has always been so
Why else would it make sick souls it’s heroes
All through time  inevitably
The famous have gone down in history
But their fame  it seems  has been terribly maimed
With disease  misery  and life’s tragedy

Elvis’s Pelvis was long acclaimed
Yet he died overdosed on drugs
Fat  weak and lame

Marilyn Monroe was legendary
For her lips  her breasts and her imagery
Drowned in a pool her life rather brief
Unable to cope with her pain and her grief

Lennon  Morrison  Hendrix and Joplin
With drugs and booze  left their minds quiet fried
Never the less they are valued and prized
Their lives quite seriously eulogized

Considered poetic greats of their day
Still their lives turned out to be rather gray
As Ann Sexton and Sylvia Plath
Left suicide in their aftermath

Clinton and Nixon and Kennedy
Whose personal lives were far from free
Of disease and corruption
Left a trail of destruction
As they lied to us all and one  “Never Inhaled”
All got off scot free when they should have been jailed
For murder or adultery,
But as President
“These laws don’t apply to me”

One of the sickest crimes of the day
Was when Simpson blew his own wife away
But because he was athletic and good with a ball
The world let him off
Because after all
His life should be free of punishment
Because “All Star Players” are always exempt

Sometimes I think I must be living in Hell
An asylum of absurdity is the place that I dwell
To be sentenced to earth as the place of my birth
Where the crazier one is the more valued his worth

Are we really such fools to allow the race
To put these kinds of people in the realm of first place
To guide lead direct and be idolized
People whose lives really should be despised
We vote them in, put them up on the wall
We cheer and we clamor
Make them King of the Hall

Are Earth’s souls so lost they must follow the lost
To death, to Hell and Oblivion
Isn’t there anyone whose memory lives on
Are their truly no saints or souls worthy
Of our praise and our votes and honest glory

Ode to Tattoos

Once handsome men are now freaks
Women a side show at the circus
It has become the trend
Putting  permanent life marks on flesh

Once a birthmark was thought a curse from God
Especially in visible places
Now young and old enjoy marring their body
With ugly designs

Once hidden in some secret place
Now they force us to witness their masochistic acts
Purplish blue black and indigo colors
Blur the beauty God gave them

Once thought extreme
Now they parade their anti-social behavior
Like a badge on arms and legs
An art exhibition we didn’t choose to attend

Some say their tatts mean something
A tribute to someone
Some say they are sensitive souls
Expressing themselves

I beg to differ
Anyone who consciously chooses
To hurt themselves for attention
Doesn’t care if they offend
Is not someone I choose to know

Face Book Follies

Let it all hang out
Give every sorted detail of your personal life
Nothing sacred
Make political stands that alienate your friends
Your family
Divide the country with political rants
Hide behind a screen spewing venom
Cause division
Abuse family and friends
Show off vices, drinking, tatts, dark sides of character
Threaten and bully
Cause someone to commit suicide
with cruel words
Cat fish and lie
Stalk and spy
Gross people out with obscene
Pictures of man’s cruelty
To animals
Or each other
Use filth and foul
Sociopaths on the prowl
Definitely the wrong ways to use face book
Face book
Friend or foe
You decide

Epilogue For The Homeless

The homeless are great
They Manipulate
Playing victim and preying on good Christian hearts
The con their game

They use different disguises
And different faces
One man who is always out there has many
Sometimes a goatee
Sometimes a long beard
Sometimes a hat
Sometimes just looks weird
He stands on the median
Always a forlorn face
 looking down
He should get an academy award
for acting

They have different signs
Preferably scrawled on cardboard is a good technique
One I saw said 
Please anything will help
I called her on it as she as she got on her hidden bike
One sign said
I used to have a life once
I decided to talk to her about it
Same old sob story
Sores all over her face
Wasn’t going to admit she was a meth addict
Another sign said
I used to be somebody
Well she’s still somebody
Somebody on the streets
Another sign
Will work for food
Four restaurants hiring on the same street
Homeless and Hungry
Anything will help
When you give them food they’re disappointed

One man made a much better living begging
A cab driver told me they often make $200 a day
A better wage than his fifteen an hour plus tips

It’s lucrative
I’ve interviewed a few to see
How they ended up on the streets
Ran away because my mother was a drug addict
Or her husband was sexually abusing me
Husband was an alcoholic
All pretty legit reasons
Sometimes tragic
Sometimes real
Usually not
It’s the lazy man’s profession

Some like it
They don’t mind the vagabond life
Enjoy the gypsy life riding the rails
They’ve made their own bed
Don’t mind sleeping in a bag on the streets
It’s just like camping
Much easier than taking care of a house
All that responsibility
They like the simple life
Most take your money for alcohol and drugs
They don’t really want food
Don’t be fooled and feel too sorry for these
Sometimes these “Victims” are victimizing

Zero Population Growth

Some people believe in quality
Not quantity
Unlike California who adds a new million each year
Or India
Teeming with life
Cremation at the Ganges
Recycling life into another reincarnation
Or China
Population grew so large the government forced contraception
Only one for a while
Only two in the country
A boy valued more than a girl
Infanticide of females became too common

Today freeways buzz like bees twenty four seven
Traffic stopping like clogged arteries at rush hours
New lanes and new structures line them with commerce
Urban sprawl leaving no room
For pastures for cows
Meadows for Meadow Larks
Or clean air to breathe

Back in the seventies there was a push
Only two children per couple
The world then was three billion
Now fifty years later the world population bulges
More than double
Humanity has not taken the idea seriously
Responsibility with the life force
An afterthought

When does the earth reach
“The fullness of it’s Creation”
Does that mean humanity is the only life form left

Monday, February 27, 2017

Resting,Relaxing, and Rejuvenating in the Grand Bahama

There is nothing like the ocean to rejuvenate my soul and the turquoise clear water and white sands of the Bahamas are definitely a way to do it. There are different colors of the turquoise ocean just like the turquoise stones from deep blue to blue green. Another name would be aqua-marine and that really describes the lighter blues of the water. The sands on the beaches  range from coral to various shades of off white to almost white around the island. There is nothing like the calm and relaxing waters and the beautiful marine life from lavender and blue sea fans to "cu cu ca choo"sea turtles peacefully drifting in the waters.

A favorite place for lunch and wading in the waters is Banana Beach. The sand bar reaches way out into the water at low tide and people love to wade around it in the warm waters that range from lower to higher seventy degrees. The food at the Banana Beach restaurant is tasty with fresh fish, conck fritters, and other sea and surf fare. Palm trees surround it and it is very laid back and people come in and out all day to enjoy the atmosphere and the food.

The Island people are very friendly and polite. Always greeting you with a "Good Day" or "Good Afternoon" and there English is very good with a little Bahamian twang at times. They believe in the bible and there are Churches all over the island. They seem to believe and live the Christian creed as well and I hear them talking to each other about bible lessons.

Hibiscus of many different colors grow everywhere. I have discovered not only their beauty but the tea that can be created from them which is a little tangy and pinkish in color from the many shades of hibiscus. It is good with a little honey or lemon.

Pictures are worth a thousand words some I am including them to help you visualize this captivating and mellow place.