Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Message for Millennials

          A Message for Millennials         

If you were going to have a conversation with Millennials what would you say?                                My husband posed the question: 
What do you see as your place on the planet?                         
And where do you see yourselves in ten years?

Millennials seem to be missing some very important insights about the world today.
They have been educated to show tolerance for everyone (except those with conservative values) and have not been taught ethical behavior, manners and an awareness of their actions. They think it’s important to protest about global warming and yet leave terrible messes after their protests. They can’t seem to see the hypocrisy in so many of their actions and causes. Too often they don’t seem to understand the reasons they are protesting. Their thinking processes don’t seem to go that far and don’t see how counter intuitive and self defeating some of these protests could be for them if they had to experience the consequences of those protests.They haven’t experienced enough about life and the difficulties and history in the world to understand all they have been given. Too many seem to think the world owes them a living without them doing much and they have been taught that by parents who indulged whatever they wanted to do and weren’t good at setting boundaries.
     They say they don’t want to be called “Snow Flakes” any more but are some of the worst name callers to those that don’t see things the same way they do. They have been babied and coddled their whole lives and not allowed to understand winning and losing. When college students need coloring books and play dough when things don’t go their way, there is something wrong with this picture. They have not seen the aftermath or the horrors of WWII, thankfully, but don’t seem to have any understanding  of  the freedoms the world was fighting for and the horrific evil of that war. They seem to be willing to give up their freedoms. That is because they haven’t experienced what it is like not to have freedom.  
     The biggest observation I would have about too many millennials is that they lack substance, intelligence, and sensitivity to others. They parade their tatts around like some kind of badge but could care less if they are offensive to many people who don’t enjoy looking at them but are forced to anyway. Attention is the only thing they seem to want.They are often very narcissistic and don’t care what anyone thinks and that their own opinions are the only right opinions. Their masochistic behavior is concerning as well.Why are they hurting themselves for attention by putting tatts all over themselves? For some it is an addiction and they cover their entire body with them. They don’t seem to understand their masochistic behavior or boundaries or borders of any kind.
     They are big on equal rights but the sad thing is that too many of them don’t believe there are two sexes and think it’s fine to make girls boys and boys girls which is not the natural order of nature. That kind of thinking is offensive to many people.They have been manipulated by liberal thinking in their educations and it has really hurt them.They don’t seem to have any morals or values.Anything goes and there is no right or wrong is the norm among too many millennials. In fact they don’t seem to understand right or wrong because too many haven’t been taught what is right or wrong. Media is too blame for much of their dysfunction because they have been raised by television and dysfunctional families with few morals as the norm.They try to rationalize that right is wrong and wrong is right. Another question for millennials is who are they serving and what are their goals?
     They haven’t been taught what the word respect means and they don’t seem to have any respect for anyone including  themselves. They are disrespectful to others on every topic and the only true concern they seem to have is about “global warming”. Again they have been manipulated in their education by liberals.They need to read more books about history and need to understand and incorporate more ethics and morals in their thinking.Too many have given up God and organized religion but they haven’t replaced it with anything healthy nor with strong values and morals.
There seems to be a high suicide rate and addiction problems for many millennials and yet they are killing themselves for strange and unimportant reasons.Too many don’t seem to have strong coping skills or understand healthy ways to solve their problems.
     If millennials truly care about the world, they need to show it in grown up and mature ways, not narcissistic shallow ways.They need to become more aware of the world and other people and not think the world revolves around them. They need to get more depth and a greater understanding of history. They need to think on much deeper levels about the repercussions of their actions. One of the biggest things is they need to THINK before they go around protesting things that could only hurt society and this country. Time for millennials to truly grow up and stop joining a losing and dangerous political trend.

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