Monday, February 27, 2017

Resting,Relaxing, and Rejuvenating in the Grand Bahama

There is nothing like the ocean to rejuvenate my soul and the turquoise clear water and white sands of the Bahamas are definitely a way to do it. There are different colors of the turquoise ocean just like the turquoise stones from deep blue to blue green. Another name would be aqua-marine and that really describes the lighter blues of the water. The sands on the beaches  range from coral to various shades of off white to almost white around the island. There is nothing like the calm and relaxing waters and the beautiful marine life from lavender and blue sea fans to "cu cu ca choo"sea turtles peacefully drifting in the waters.

A favorite place for lunch and wading in the waters is Banana Beach. The sand bar reaches way out into the water at low tide and people love to wade around it in the warm waters that range from lower to higher seventy degrees. The food at the Banana Beach restaurant is tasty with fresh fish, conck fritters, and other sea and surf fare. Palm trees surround it and it is very laid back and people come in and out all day to enjoy the atmosphere and the food.

The Island people are very friendly and polite. Always greeting you with a "Good Day" or "Good Afternoon" and there English is very good with a little Bahamian twang at times. They believe in the bible and there are Churches all over the island. They seem to believe and live the Christian creed as well and I hear them talking to each other about bible lessons.

Hibiscus of many different colors grow everywhere. I have discovered not only their beauty but the tea that can be created from them which is a little tangy and pinkish in color from the many shades of hibiscus. It is good with a little honey or lemon.

Pictures are worth a thousand words some I am including them to help you visualize this captivating and mellow place.