Sunday, February 7, 2016

Miracles Do Happen

Faith precedes the miracle! With faith our prayers become much more powerful!  Faith in God is what created so many of the miracles in the bible. Miracles happened in the past and still do happen every where in our world today. Sometimes angels appear and create miracles even if people aren’t praying or asking for help. They just appear when needed as divine intervention. Most come to comfort, heal, direct, protect, and warn, of danger. Some of these are God’s angels to intervene in a difficult situation. Other times it might be our guardian angels or someone from our family who has passed on that has come to to our aid.
Many unusual and mysterious things happen in this life and sometimes they are very hard to understand or explain.  Many books have been written about these unusual experiences in the form of miracles. Some people have a very hard time if something can’t be explained. They want proof, or facts  or something to back up these inexplicable happenings.Miraculous healings, angel appearances, being saved from an accident in an unusual way are miracles that often defy explanation. The thing that has to be realized is that mankind does not really have the ability to understand everything that happens in life. These are stories of unexplainable events, yet they did happen. The great mystery of life is the only explanation. We simply don’t have the answers to why these things happen but they do. I believe that many of these faith promoting miracles happen to show us that there are unseen forces at play in our world and to help us develop faith by witnessing the miracles.
There are stories of miracles and healing all throughout the course of history. This large body of evidence should not be denied or ignored. There were many miracles that occurred in the bible when people were praying to God and living correct lives. That is not to say that many of these people in the bible didn’t also experience extreme hardship as part of their experiences. These people were often given tests of faith to see how they would handle it, if they would remain faithful to God, and would grow strong from their spiritual tests or become bitter and give up. We all have these same kinds of spiritual tests in our lives today and can learn much from people in the bible and how they handled these tests.  
Time and time again we hear of miraculous healings  through people’s experiences. There are angels that especially work around hospitals with those that are suffering. I have always been a sensitive person and have been able to feel the presence of angels. When my children have been injured and have been in hospitals, I have sensed many angels surrounding the hospitals and giving whatever aid they can to those that are suffering. I have witnessed miracles happening in hospitals. Angels are there to comfort, heal and help those in the hospital as well as those visiting the hospital to help them deal with the stress. There is a reason why there are chapels in many hospitals. The chapels are a place to go and pray for help from God and higher realms, a place for the soul to receive comfort and direction. Sometimes angels are there to help with transitions to another realm when someone  passes on through death and to comfort those that have lost loved ones. Whatever they are there for, they are our invisible helpers. A nurse I knew that worked in the Geriatric Ward was sensitive to angels and other realms and shared with me that she would often see angels near the ceiling in the corner of the room when a person was close to passing.
There are mysterious experiences that have occurred in my life and other’s that I have known that are inexplicable and yet did happen. There is an invisible energy through God and His angels that exists and when called upon in faith assists those who need help. Often they assist people in need even if they aren’t exercising faith. They appear when they are needed to perform a miracle.This has occurred time and time again in my life.
I would like to share some of  the miracles that have happened in my life and miracles that have happened to other people in this life experience. There are so many miracles that happen all the time out there in the world that they are innumerable but should be recorded so people understand that they truly do happen.
When I was a young girl about five or six I remember having an earache that was so painful I could hardly bear it. My father was a spiritually in tune man and also had the gift of healing. He placed his hands on my head and gave me a blessing and immediately the pain disappeared.  I had another miracle happening with his healing hands when I was in my early twenties.  I had experienced a really bad pain in my back after my second baby that was very hard to deal with . One night I was visiting my parents and I got the pain in my back but it was a hundred times worse! It felt like a knife was stabbing me in the middle of my back. I went and laid down on a bed but was still really suffering. I asked my father to give me a blessing. He did that same thing as when I was five years old and immediately the pain went away. I call those miracles!
Here is another very spiritual miracle that happened to my husband. He was struggling with depression and alcoholism in his early thirties.  He had had a father, and step-father that were alcoholics and a mother who abused alcohol so these were the examples for him growing up. The holidays were particularly hard for him every year because he had had some traumatic experiences around the holidays when he was young that were also related to alcohol abuse. He had to go into rehab during the holidays before for substance abuse and depression. He checked himself in for the third time around Christmas knowing he was in trouble. I struggled with his addictions and watching them and wondered why he couldn’t stay in a better place. They teach important skills in rehab to help people be able to cope with life better but his demons always seemed to get the best of him and return again.
It was the day before Christmas and my son had been in a very serious car accident, Christmas Eve day. My husband was also in rehab and I was seven months pregnant. It was a very difficult time for me and I have called it “My Gethsemane”. I was talking to my husband on the phone and fighting deep depression myself when he related this miracle that had happened to him in his room at the hospital. He said he was praying at the side of his bed for help when he felt a warmth glowing light come into the room and comfort him. Suddenly all his depression vanished. He felt at peace and was surrounded by great love. After that time, he started to improve and get better and stronger each day. He became a productive and healthy member of society again and has been clean and sober ever since that incident in the hospital for over thirty years now. He has a strong and devout faith in God and in healing miracles. This miracle changed him and made a total difference in his life. He also shared with me that when he was young and the family was dealing with his father and his insanity with alcohol that an angel would appear to him and tell him that he was protected and everything would be alright.
A woman that belongs to a church I attend shared this story. She said it was three days until Super Bowl Sunday and she and her family were staying at their cabin having a great time. A few days before Sunday she told them they needed to go back because she had some church responsibilities she needed to do  that Sunday. The family all began arguing with her and told her she wouldn’t be missed and they wanted to stay at the cabin and watch the Super Bowl.  She was insistent and told them “no” and that she wanted to be at church on Sunday. With some reluctance they packed up and went home. On Super Bowl Sunday there was an explosion that blew up everything in the entire cabin and destroyed it except a special antique piano that had been her grandmother’s favorite.  For some reason the piano was blown out of the cabin and landed on a snowy hillside unharmed.  A mother’s insistence on serving her church saved the whole family.
Someone recently shared with me his experience with a miracle that occurred. He was in a terrible accident when he was twenty-five where his car rolled several times and he sustained a serious brain injury. He was DOA at the hospital but they revived him, he was in a deep coma however.  Night after night his mother stayed by his bedside praying that he would come out of the coma. He was still in a coma after a month, and after two months but his mother never left his side or stopped praying. At the end of the third month he revived from the coma. The only serious thing that occurred was a problem with his speech. It took two years of speech therapy but he recovered and was a full functioning adult with no sign of a speech problem. God and the angels heal us through prayer and make miracles happen in our lives every day. We need to be aware, be grateful, and pay attention to these miracles! In reading about miraculous healing I found out the angels like to be acknowledged and thanked, so thank your angels!
Our youngest son was going through a difficult period in his life.  My husband decided he wanted to cheer him up. They both loved cars and my husband told Parker he could take his favorite car, a red Corvette for a drive on a Sunday evening. Some of my sons friends decided they wanted to go on a little road rally with him up a canyon together. Our son was coming down a steep part of the canyon when he went off the road a little bit. It did not have any gravel and the ground was packed dirt. It was just like sliding on ice. Parker put on the brakes but it did no good. He found he and his car careening off a cliff. As he floated through the air he landed on a metal pontoon that went right through the engine and stopped him from going further down the cliff.  The care landing on that pontoon saved our sons life. Our son was unhurt but the corvette was totaled. We didn’t care about the car, we were just grateful our son was alive! We felt God’s hand and intervention in this incident. It was a miracle that he was saved and without injury!
Many people have had Near Death Experiences and have traveled to the other side only to return very changed in their perspective about life and sometimes with special spiritual gifts such as psychic abilities, music, photographic memories, etc. I believe God has these people return as a witness to the afterlife so people will develop faith and hope in an afterlife and that is is a place of beautiful, unconditional love. Many people that have had NDE’s say that an angel or messenger tells them that it is not their time and that they need to go back to the earth plane.This happened to my son. He was sixteen and in a serious car accident when he hit a tree. This was the son that this happened to the day before Christmas. The accident happened in the middle of the night so there was not very much traffic. It was very cold. In the accident he shattered his hip and was unable to move. Somehow, he does not know how, he found himself laying on the road beside the car. Someone drove past and saw him and called the Paramedics. I feel angels saved his life and got him out of the car.
He faced a very long nine hour surgery on his hip. All the family was praying during the surgery but especially I was praying. He told me after the surgery that he experienced an NDE and went to the afterlife. He said he found himself in a room where the people didn’t look very happy. He then was escorted to another room where the people were much happier. A spiritual messenger told him it was not his time and he needed to go back and if he did, he would have a chance to be in the room where people were happier. He then found himself back in his body.

I have heard of spiritual intervention from the other side that have prompted people about danger or not to go in a certain direction. Many times my husband and I if we faced some kind of trouble, angels in the form of real people would come to our assistance when we prayed. When I have been driving late at night and didn’t want to fall asleep at the wheel. I would pray for safety and protection and felt a presence sitting right  next to me as I drove keeping me company and awake.