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Defending God

Chapter 1  Defending God
                God, Eloheim, Alpha and Omega, The Goddess, The Great Spirit, The Source, The Universe, A Higher Power, Yoweh, The Divine, A Power greater than Ourself,  Allah, Father in Heaven, Mother In Heaven, The Creator, are some of the names given to represent a great power that many on the earth plane use to describe the mysterious energy that permeates life.   Many  humans seem to sense that we have always existed and that something out there that we don’t truly understand, is the reason we are here on earth.  Because we don’t really understand this mysterious force, some  today have decided that it is just a figment of man’s  imagination and something he has created to explain things he/she doesn’t understand.
                When we come into the earth plane as babies we don’t really have a set of instructions as to where we came from or why we are here.  It  is our challenge and job to figure these things out as we progress through this life experience.  At birth, a veil is drawn over our eyes that can only be lifted through faith and prayer to help us understand the mysteries of life and our purpose on this planet.  Today we see a society that is trying to say god does not exist and only fools believe in that fictitious character.  Many in todays world don’t  understand the concept of faith nor do they want to. They can only go with the things they see with the naked eye and that can be proven with facts.    
                There is some good reason for the disenchantment with God.   The world societies have  waged most of their wars over the ideas of who’s the right god and which belief system is correct.  It has been a hard task for many in the world to accept the idea of “live and let live” and freedom of religion.  For some  reason many humans like to try to force their dogma and doctrines on others and say “This is the way to believe!”  Cults have been created that have been very destructive to the members of the cult. Their leader has convincedthem them that he is the master, the truth, and the way.  Some have even enacted mass suicide at the instruction of their leader  (the cult leader Jim Jones)  Many are easily manipulated and lead away by powerful leaders. We see an excample of this in World War II when many were hypnotized by Hitler and committed mass genocide of other races and people.  Hitler claimed that  a perfect society needed to be created and his job was to decide who should be in that society. He decided “The Pure Arian” race would be  the ideal society. The pathetic thing was in researching Hitler’s background they found Jewish ancestry.
                 Man has created God in his own image instead of the other way around. Many men have created a God so that they could do whatever they want to do and then say, “God revealed this to me.”  There  are very good reasons for people to be disenchanted with the idea of God.  Some feel  God is an angry, jealous, and vengeful person and have a hard time relating to that kind of diety.  It is understandable.  Yet, too often humans blame God for the sins that man has committed. Or they say, “If there is a God, he wouldn’t have let this happen.”  There is an important fallacy in that thinking.  That fallacy is that God can control everything.  In truth God probably can control everything but on this earth plane there is a law of free will.  God generally does not intervene in man’s free will.  If a man commits a crime, that is on his shoulders not God’s.  The earth experience is a place to refine the soul through good choices and right living.  Unfortunately many on the earth plane make bad choices and create wrong living which results in negative happenings.  Some of the major occurances on the planet have been created by natural causes.  Some people believe God had something to do with those natural causes and perhaps God does. There are evil things ,however, that were totally created by man and man must take responsibility for those things and not blame God for them.   
                Throughout history there has been records written down of the power of God and of miraculous happenings  attributed to Him. The bible contains many of these stories. Today miracles still occur but the human race does not want to give them credence or attention in the past or in the present.  They prefer to feel blindly through this life experience trying to sort out life’s meaning without any direction.  God has given us direction through writings but today people say those things don’t apply. They claim that they were written very long ago in a very different time. True they were written long ago, but the truths they taught are universal and will not change with the history of time.  Some of the things in the bible don’t apply and were distortions and were not universal truth.  Other’s will stand the test of time and will apply no matter what time we are in history.
                Straying away from the ten commandments given in the Old Testament will only create a society devoid of morals and ethics.  Those commandments were given for a reason and as a moral set of instructions to help us have a healthy and happy world. By throwing those commandments away we can see the havoc it has created in our society today everywhere.  We really need to get back to those grass roots directions, TheTen Commandments. When society abides by those commandments, society does a much better job creating order versus a world of chaos. Most of our laws are derived from the Ten Commandments.  They still apply today.  Society needs to realize this and apply those old teachings. Society today needs them more than ever.
                Rather than throw away God, the bible, and all it’s important teachings it is important today to open our spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear the truths and guidance that God wants for us on this earthly journey.  It takes some searching, some prayer, and some internal work.  If any of you lack wisdom, let them ask of god, that gives to all liberally. Ask in faith and it will be given to you. Spiritual work is necessary to seek and find the truth of God’s teachings in our lives. When we atune ourselves to God’s direction and word, we are able to hear and be prompted by his spirit whispering the truth of these things in our hearts and minds. An important test of God’s wolk is the result.  If it has a good result, it comes from God.  If it has a bad result, it is not from God.     
                God hears our prayers today. Try praying every day and see how God answers prayers and how your life will begin to change for the better through faith in God and through prayer. Time and time again I have been helped through faith in God and prayer and so have many others who will attest to God answering prayers.

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