Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hi! Some of my Books are now published on Amazon!

Here is my website to give you more information on my books and the different genres I enjoy.

Here are the Titles. I hope you'll explore some of them of interest to you

Spiritual/Inspirational    Non Fiction

Spiritual Help in An Ailing World  By Ann Hughes  Amazon

Too many have given up a spiritual foundation in their homes and it is reeking havoc on our Society. A return to strong morals and spiritual values is the much needed remedy. Find ways to find purpose and meaning in life again.

How to Help Your Kids in a Troubled World By Ann Hughes Amazon
Families are in crisis today. Parents and children need some support and guidance to make their families strong again. Help your children be happy and healthy in body mind and spirit and feel successful in their lives.

Children's Books

The Rainbow World  By Andrea Hughes  Amazon

Teach your children to love and respect all the races and cultures in the world

Wise Ways  By Andrea Hughes Amazon

A wise wizard teaches some young people secrets to having a healthy world through Help, Hope, Healing and Harmony

Poetry and other Collections

Connections  by Ann Hughes  Amazon
We are all connected to each other in different ways. Explore some of those connections
A collection of  Short Stories and Essays

Slipping Through Time  by Ann Hughes  Amazon
A collection of poetry