Sunday, June 12, 2016

Christian Rules for Social Media

This is the speech Rob gave in Sunday School on June 12, 2012
Stands at the podium
Just a minute I need to take care of something. Types on Phone for a minute.
Sorry, I just needed to unfriend someone
I saw an interesting video on social media about a father who was fed up with his sons constant texting during dinner so the next night he brought in an old typewriter and starting banging out the keys. He kind of got his point across.
Social Media is causing division in families and in our country today
People seem to get into arguments about politics and religion and who is right. It becomes a “Rightitis” contest and causes a lot of division. People become proud in their hearts over who is right. It’s important not to have “pride in our hearts” on social media. In a talk given in conference recently it warns against pride and how harmful it came be From the quote from President Uchdort is this statement about pride. ”The great enemy of charity is pride. Pride is one of the biggest reasons that marriages and families struggle. Pride is short-tempered unkind and envious. Pride exaggerates itself and ignores the virtues of others. Pride is selfish and easily provoked. Pride assumes evil intent where there is none and hides it’s own weakness behind clever excuses. Pride is cynical, pessimistic, angry and impatient. Indeed if Charity is the pure love of Christ then pride is the defining characteristic of Satan. The way you  treat your wife or children or parents or siblings may influence generations to come. What legacy do you want to leave posteriy? One of harshness, vengeance, anger, fear or isolation? Or one of love, humility, forgiveness, compassion, spiritual growth and unity.”
Sometimes social media seems like it should be called anti-social media with some of the posts I have been exposed to. It’s important to show some social skills and have good taste and class when posting on social media. It’s important to avoid posting things that could be offensive to others.
Some questions to ask ourselves about Social Media
Would I say something face to face to a person that I post on social media? It’s important not to hide behind screens and say things we wouldn’t say face to face.

Are the 1200 people I have as friends on facebook really my true friends? Would they stand up for me in a court of law? Do I really even know them?  Are they more important than my family?
Is my time on social media necessary to a productive life?
How much time do I waste on social media?
Are the things I post in good taste?
Am I gossiping about someone who isn’t there to represent themselves?
Would I make Christ one of my friends on Social Media?
Would I want Christ to see the things I post on Social Media?
Am I honest and truthful about who I really am on Social Media?
If is is extremely destructive or hurtful, do I report it?

There doesn’t seem to be any rules concerning social media but there should be
Here are some Christian Rules for Social Media my wife and I came up with
1. The golden rule: Be kind and loving : Post unto others as you would have others post unto you on social media
2. Don’t unfriend people unless they say highly destructive or offensive things. Let them know that it was offensive in a private message or in person and let them explain before you decide to unfriend them. It is unkind and causes alienation especially in families to unfriend someone, so think it through.
3. When teacher’s have taken the time and prepared a lesson to help you, often voluntarily, it’s important to show them respect and turn off devices and pay attention
4. Post things that are in good taste. Good posts are Humorous (as long as they don’t make fun of or hurt someone), educational, inspirational, helpful, interesting,fun, uplifting.
5. Make it a positive connection.It’s a good way to connect with family or others that don’t live near each other if you post loving things
6. Don’t post pictures, or anything else about someone else without permission
7. Avoid posts and topics that cause division with friends and family
8. There are times for social media and there are times for family, church and other activities. Keep a healthy balance.  
Our most important priority should be to show love to our families and to our fellowman as Christ has taught us to do.

In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen

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