Monday, May 16, 2016

Spiritual Help in an Ailing World

We are living in a world of close to eight billion people. With all the population we are seeing much unrest and uncertainty. Many are frustrated with their lives and have no spiritual compass because their belief systems have been challenged by modern ideas and trends. It has hurt rather than helped society to give up spiritual values and ideas and the world seems to be declining rather than improving in many areas of respect for themselves and one another. The world needs spiritual help in the worst way to remedy some of the serious social illnesses that are prevalent today. “Spiritual Help in an Ailing World” gives help, hope and healing to the masses that have lost their way. A return to strong moral character and spiritual development of moral traits to help humanity is very much needed and an essential element to help the social ills of the world. We can find our way back to love and light and helping our fellow man only with a return to spirituality and spiritual values that have survived the test of time. These grass roots ideas need to applied to modern day that have been taught in the bible and other holy books throughout the history of the world. Only by doing so will we find, peace, happiness and fulfillment in our lives again.  A return to strong morals and spiritual values is the only remedy to making our world a better place for all of humanity.

About the Author:
Ann has always been a sensitive person and a spiritual seeker from a very young age. She has always had a yearning to study and search things pertaining to the spirit and for spiritual growth. She was endowed with several spiritual gifts including being a healer, empath, psychic, channel, and writer. She also enjoys music, directing,and producing plays and film projects many of a spiritual nature. Early in her twenties she began studying every spiritual book she could find seeking for more truth and light. From her search in these spiritual areas she became a light worker to heal and help others on this earth plane we all share. She is an ordained minister of the Universal Life church. She has also been and educator and teacher for over twenty five years. She was named to Convington’s Who’s Who of Amercan Educators in 2012.  She has written several books in many genres from children’s books to poetry. You can find more information about her books on her website:

Spiritual Help in An Ailing World will be published through Amazon in 2016

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